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System deflect and tap ICU

American Standard offers a new product that will meet the ever-growing demands of healthcare professionals. The ICU sink and faucet system, designed for intensive care units among other things, has basic features that will make it an immediate success in health and care facilities.


  • Vitrified porcelain sink with EverClean surface coating that prevents the growth of bacteria
  • Deep bowl with sloped backsplash to reduce splashing
  • Off-center drain prevents water from splashing on the grill
  • Selectronic faucet is more hygienic thanks to its hands-free use
  • Laminar jet perfectly adapted to the needs of medical applications
  • Available in battery-operated DC model, or pluggable AC for easy installation
  • Removable acrylic skirt allows quick and easy access to faucet and plumbing controls under the sink


Attention to detail is what’s available with the American Standard ICU sink and faucet system. It will meet your needs as an industry professional; this is American Standard’s commitment to quality. For more information, please contact your Lajoie representative.