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The FRANKE EZ TORQUE TM fastening system is the latest innovation from Franke Kindred Canada for 2014. This new system replaces the standard universal fastener system, which has undergone very little change over the last 30 years.

The FRANKE EZ TORQUE fasteners are used to secure the edge of the sink firmly to the countertop. They were developed in North America by a Canadian engineer, Colin Wisniewski, at the Franke Kindred Canada manufacturing plant. His innovative idea was born from his experience in installing sinks.

He recognized the need to speed up and simplify the installation process to save time and effort, a particularly important element for the commercial industry where many sinks are installed on site. Projects involving the installation of sinks in classrooms or stadiums all rely on expertise and efficiency. For example, Mr. Wisniewski’s experience has resulted in the creation of a replacement product for standard universal sinks.

For a long time, the traditional method required the installer to hook the fasteners provided at various locations around the sill rim as indicated in the instructions. Although fasteners and instructions are included in the product packaging, some installation parts may be misplaced on the job site, which may have a negative impact on the installation process. The sink and fasteners should be carefully lowered through a hole that is cut into the countertop. The clips swing gently over the sink which requires careful handling to ensure that none of them fall during installation.

Once the sink is in place, the installer must hold the drill in one hand while the other is used to locate, stabilize and tighten each clip below the sink. This method is not particularly effective since it often requires the installer to kneel, bend or even lie under the sink to locate, hold and tighten the fasteners.

New for 2014, FRANKE EZ TORQUE fasteners are shipped pre-installed on the sink! The simplicity of this method virtually eliminates the need to verify instructions. Indeed, it is no longer necessary to read the instructions to know where to fix the fasteners on the sink. Missing fasteners are no problem, and the sink quickly and easily drops into the hole cutouts.

In addition, its red color facilitates visual identification inside the cabinet. In addition the easy clamping of the fasteners with one hand replaces the old method which was to extend on the back face up under the sink.

In addition, the solid steel design and high-performance polymer resin EZ TORQUE fasteners unite to provide a superior strength product to its predecessor.